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Filming extreme skiing was Steve’s passion but italmost cost him is life.

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A helicopter crash left two of his crew dead and Steve paralyzed from the waist down. The long road to recovery started with plastic KAFO’s then AFO’s, “the more I walked the warmer they got which led to cracking.” My search for a better solution lead my to Custom Composite Mfg. where I found the braces that would give me new freedom and start my journey back to doing what I love.

Steve In Front Of Helicopter

I have filmed in 9 countries and have become one of the most renowned aerial film Cinematographers in the world. I have been nominated for three Emmy’s and have had my work featured in commercials, documentaries, Hollywood movies.

Snowcap MountainMountain With SunsetSteve At The National Academy Of Television

Bilateral Custom Composite AFO wearer for more than 10 years

"I don’t know what I’d do without them"

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