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AFO Casting Instructions

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The casting instructions are the same regardless of which AFO design you choose. If you have any questions, please call us at 866-273-2230.


Have the patient sit in a chair.


Prepare casting materials: Water, plaster or synthetic casting material, cotton stockinet, and cut-off strip, etc. Mark the neck of the fibula for a height reference.

3. Wrap the leg with casting material in the usual manner. Place patient's foot on the floor (use a footplate or a piece of plastic to simulate the proper heel height). Try to duplicate the patient’s natural standing angle (valgus or varus) in this seated position. Be sure to cast the entire foot. We use a full length footplate.
4. Apply slight downward pressure to the top of the knee to simulate a semi-weight bearing condition. If large deviations in the ankle occur during stance, a full weight bearing cast is recommended.
5. Remove cast in the usual manner once the casting material has set.
6. Wrap several layers of newspaper around cast and additional cushioning material if needed for shipping. Please do not just put the plaster cast in a plastic bag (this tends to keep the cast wet and it may loose shape).
7. Include a tracing of the sound side to determine the length of the footplate (only necessary for partial foot patients).
8. Include a completed order form along with the casting.
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