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AFO Selection Guide

This guide is to help you understand the differences between each of our AFO’s and to assist you in determining which design is most appropriate for your patients. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

> See Contraindications to Carbon Bracing.
Download and print the AFO Selection Guide (pdf) and post it in your office for quick reference.


AFO Design

  Benefits   Indications/
Activity Level
  Flexibility Rating*
0=Very Rigid, 6=Very Flexible
  Energy Return              
  FlexorBand   Unrestricted
dorsi-plantar flexion, mild lateral ankel control
  Drop foot with wide ROM needed/all activity levels, various sports (running, hiking, etc)  

Lateral Strut



  Dynamic toeplate response, mild lateral ankle control, lightweight and low-profile   Drop foot or similar/low to moderate activity levels    
  Posterior Lateral Strut   Dynamic toeplate response, mild recravatum control, lightweight and low-profile   Drop foot, MS pts needing recravatum control/low to moderate activity levels    
  Spiral   Dynamic toeplate response, mild ML and AP control at the ankle, lightweight and low-profile   Drop foot, MS, flail foot, stroke pts without spasticity/low to moderate activity levels    
  Energy Return/Stability                  
  Hybrid Medial Strut:
Standard Calf, Anterior Shell, Posterior Calf
  Dynamic heel and toe response, mild stance ankle control, lightweight and low-profile   Drop foot, stroke pts without spasticity, CMT, MS pts that need more midstance control/low to high activity levels    
  Solid Ankle               
  SA Posterior   Ankle stability, hind foot control, heel protection   Calcanial fractures, hind foot instability/all activity levels    
  SA Anterior Medial   Highest level of ankle stability, maximum floor reaction, most rigid design   Ankle instability, ankle fracture, CMT, failed fusion, knee instability requiring floor reaction AFO/all activity levels      

* Flexibility Rating is based on a 0 to 6 scale. The higher the rating the greater the overall flexibility of the brace.



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