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Partial Foot - TMA

Designed specifically for the transmetatarsal amputee patient, the Partial Foot - TMA restores normal foot bio-mechanics and properly transfers of energy while preserving ankle motion. Toe filler restores the shape of the shoe while keeping the foot from sliding forward in the shoe. Lightweight, durable, it's custom made from a cast and comes with a foam liner, Velcro® strap and toe filler.

Casting Instructions
Weight bearing cast prefered; Tracing of sound side (see Casting Instructions)

Transmetatarsal level amputation

Recommended Activity Level
All activity levels

Suggested L-Codes

L-1945 Molded to patient model, plastic, rigid antesection (floor reaction), custom fabricated (with anterior shell)
L-2755 Addition to lower-extremity orthosis, high strength, lightweight material, all hybrid lamination/prepreg composite, per segment, for custom-fabricated orthosis only

Addition to lower extremity orthosis, soft interface for molded plastic, below knee section




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