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Hybrid Medial Strut AFO - Anterior Shell

The Hybrid Medial Strut AFO offer patients an energy return brace with midstance stability and balanced heel/toe action. It features Airex® Core Technology which creates a rigid, durable strut that blends into the arch of the foot, centralizing it on the footplate.

The Hybrid Medial Strut is available with an anterior shell with rear entry (shown right), a more flexible standard calf band with side entry or a posterior calf band. It is custom made from a cast and comes with a foam liner, Velcro® strap and custom foam footbed.

Drop foot, stroke patients without spasticity, CMT, MS patients that need more midstance control, floor reaction for knee stability

See Contraindications to Carbon Bracing

Recommeded Activity Level
All activity levels

Suggested L-Codes


(with anterior shell)
Molded to patient model, plastic, rigid anterior tibia section (floor reaction), custom fabricated


Addition to lower extremity orthosis, high strength, lightweight material, all hybrid lamination/prepreg composite, per segment

L-2820 Addition to lower extremity orthosis, soft interface for molded plastic, below knee section

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Hybrid Medial Strut AFO

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