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Fine Tuning the CMT AFO







Standard CMT Foot bed

This foot bed is a dual density foot bed with a lateral wedge that runs from the heel to the 5th metatarsal head. It provides a medial directed force to the foot and ankle comples while providing relief for the 5th metarsal head. This modification greatly helps with standing balance.


Supra Malleolar Ankle strap

If the foot bed mentioned above is not enough to control the the varus tendency of the foot and ankle, the ankle strap provides the third point of control in the coronal plane.




Lateral Half SMO

For extreme varus tendencies of the foot and ankle this Proflex SMO connects the foot bed to the supra malleolar snkle strap, providing a large total contact area to control the ankle.




Custom colors

Any of our AFO's can be spray painted with a highly durable and flexible paint.

Flesh tone paints: come in light, medium and dark







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